We work with financial institutions to stop rogue traders and other employees from engaging in activities that endanger our financial system.

what we do

Signac partners with financial institutions to strengthen employee supervision, reduce operational risk, and make our financial system safer.

We deliver software that spots risk in mountains of data, helping institutions identify suspicious activity for further investigation. Our financial markets and controls expertise is codified in our products and shared with our customers. 

Powerful Software

Our cutting-edge data foundation connects disparate data, like trade, behavioral, and risk data, for a holistic view of every trader. We identify toxic combinations signaling events indicative of unauthorized activity and create algorithms to spot outliers that inform when employee behavior needs further review.

Industry Experience

Our deep knowledge of financial markets allows us to design custom programs to help banks detect fraudulent behavior. And our independent investigative unit has expertise in spotting unauthorized trading patterns across institutions and uses an innovative approach to test controls.

Comprehensive Approach

We combine our powerful software and industry expertise to facilitate risk detection, conduct special investigations, and ensure banks have comprehensive checks and balances in place to catch fraudulent activity. We use our technology and experience to help institutions measure risk in a standardized way and promote accountability among employees. 

our process

Signac combines powerful software and industry expertise to cover the five steps of employee oversight: synthesize, alert, investigate, escalate, report.



We integrate mountains of disparate data from disconnected, legacy IT systems, remove obvious noise, and model the data in a meaningful and holistic way so it is ripe for analysis.



Using rules and algorithmic clustering, we surface data indicative of suspicious behavior, proactively notify those responsible, and prompt them to review the alerts and take action.



Our investigative unit conducts thematic reviews, examines suspicious activity and conducts incident-related activities. We then use the findings to strengthen controls.



We give analysts the tools they need to surface problematic behavior to senior leadership, allowing institutions to implement strong, top-down risk governance practices.



We give institutions a near real-time view of their aggregate risk and risks within specific organizations, enabling transparency, oversight, and easy reporting to regulators.

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who we are

Our team of engineers, data analysts, and financial industry experts designs transformative solutions based on their cross-industry and cross-institution knowledge.

We combine innovative tech and banking expertise to help financial institutions catch bad apples. Collectively we've monitored and detected a variety of rogue trading methods and other fraudulent behavior across multiple institutions. We come from diverse and varied backgrounds, but we’re all passionate about making our financial system safer.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Colleen Graham

Chief Supervisory Officer

Colleen Graham is the Chief Supervisory Officer of Signac, based in New York. Colleen previously worked in a variety of control, compliance and COO functions including as the Head of Compliance Americas, the Chief of Staff for Private Bank Americas and the Chief Control Officer for the Global Investment Bank. Colleen joined Credit Suisse in 1996 from the law firm Thacher Proffitt and Wood where she focused on Mortgage and Asset Backed Securites, Corporate and Securities Laws. Before that, she practiced law at Hughes Hubbard and Reed with a focus in Mergers and Acquisitions. Colleen has a fantastic husband and four very cool children.

Sean Hunter

Chief Information Officer

Sean Hunter is Signac’s Chief Information Officer, based in London. As a Forward Deployed Engineer at Palantir Technologies he led trader oversight partnerships with large financial institutions, including Palantir’s work with Credit Suisse. Before Palantir, Sean was a strategist in the securities division at Goldman Sachs. Over a period of 8 years he worked on various desks including equity exotics and hybrids, mortgages and algorithmic trading. Prior to GS he was IT director at a dot-com startup, writing their initial systems and managing a growing development team through two IPOs. Sean used programming to fund a postgrad in Jazz and used to be a professional bass player.

Adam Loucks

Head of Finance and
 Corporate Development

Adam Loucks is Head of Finance and Corporate Development at Signac, based in New York. Previously, Adam spent six years at Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking division where he focused on Business Strategy, Corporate Development / M&A, and New Ventures. Adam began his career in Private Equity at a Washington D.C. based middle-market PE fund where he managed a variety of investments across multiple sectors (including Financial Services and Technology). In his spare time, Adam enjoys getting outside and relaxing at the beach with his beautiful wife and three amazing children.

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We’re nimble, fast-paced, and building something new, but don’t plan on working from our garage. We were born from a joint venture between Palantir Technologies and Credit Suisse. We already have customers and funding, so you’ll have the access to solve big problems plus the chance to build something from the ground up.

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We develop state-of-the-art data fusion and analysis technology to catch rogue traders (read: bad guys) and drive down risk in financial institutions. You’ll work to make our financial system safer, stop the bad guys in their tracks, and help our clients sleep better at night.

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