Nearly nine years ago I married my best friend. I know it sounds cliché, but I did or at least he is now! To me, he has many cute intimate names. But for the purposes of this blog we will call him ML, hubs, or him.

We went to college together. Our birthdays are one day apart. And we have many of the same likes, including but not limited to Travel, Food and Romance. (Oh, yea…in my Barry White voice..)

When we married, we made a promise to one another that we would travel, a lot, and we especially wanted to journey through each of the contiguous United States, Washington, D.C., and hopefully sooner than later Hawaii and Alaska. At the time, we lived in Texas and neither of us had lived anywhere outside of Texas. Three months after our wedding we started on our adventure.

I’m a simple girl. I don’t ask for much. I want a nice, clean, comfy hotel room – at a destination where there is fun, relaxation, lots to see and good food to eat. I am a very frugal traveler though. I want the most bang for my buck, but I’m not trying to spend my savings on fun so we do lots of homework when planning our trips. SO…this is where the blog comes in. 

ML, my resident love, nerd and exhibitionist thought it would be a great idea for us to share some of the places we visit, food we eat, and romantic things to say or do that don’t cost you your life savings. If you are looking for pictures of the poshest places or things, this probably isn’t the blog for you. This blog is for my people that want a 7-day vacation for two under $2000, a quick weekend getaway for $200, something like that. On occasion, we will spend more and on those posts, I will give you an average cost. This post is especially for those who like to travel by car because ML hates flying so about 85% of our travels are road trips. Yes, that’s right. We’ve road tripped it from Texas to California once and Texas to D.C. many times before we packed our belongings and moved there! 

We hope you enjoy what you see. If you don’t, we won’t know because we’ve disabled the comments section. 

Travel. Eat good Food. And enjoy the Romance cause You Only Live Once!